Web Design


Responsive websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes enabling you to offer any visitor the best possible experience.

Full Content Management

You can update your site whenever you wish and we also offer technical support for the life of your website.

Domain name and email

We will include a new UK domain name or you can also use one you already own. A business email addresses is novadays standard.

Includes a blog and forms

Publishing stories helps keep the site fresh and gain a better SEO. Allow website visitors to complete an enquiry form and have that form sent directly to your email address.

Visual Identity

Logo Design

First association to our customers mind. Logo of your brand expresses the structure of the organization to it’s external stakeholders.

Colors of your company

It is one of the most instantly recognizable elements of the corporate visual identity and promote a strong non-verbal message on the company’s behalf.

Business Cards and Company Papers

Business cards are cards bearing business information about Brand. Together with company papers it create one identity.

Printable Projects

Flyers, invitations, catalogs, calendars, posters, billboards, rolls, banner and much much more.

KingzGraphics may create for you everything. If your project is non-conventional just tell us about it and we do the rest.

Get a Quote

Every customer is different. We understand it and take care of everyone to feel special. Our prices depends of how big your project is. If you are not sure you can contact with us.